Halting Problem


Hi, my name's Roland Sadowski.

I come from Żory, Poland, but since March of 2011 I live in London, UK. Before that I spend over a year and a half in Denmark.

I graduated from Silesian University Of Technology in Gliwice with a masters in mathematics in 2008 with the specialty Information Science Methods.


I like programming. Since summer of 2008, Clojure is my weapon of choice. I'm happpy to be able to use it every day at work.

My previous serious work mostly involved C#, JavaScript.

Other things

Besides programming, I like math, design and writing. I enjoy reading. I totally dig nice typography.

I think software patents are a really bad idea.


You can contact me through email: szabla@gmail.com. If you'd like to contact me other way, email me first for more info.

Here's my PGP key fingerprint (download my public key):

70E6 0F2B D879 CA54 2276 AD93 9132 23FC 95B2 52C3

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